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A Wetzel and Son Obituary for:
Franz Haeusser
March 11, 1927 - September 10, 2020


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Franz Haeusser of Warminster, Pennsylvania died Thursday, September 10, 2020 at Ann’s Choice. He was 93 years old. Franz was born March 11, 1927 in Adelmannsfelden, Germany, son of the late Heinrich Hauesser and the late Clara Hauesser (nee - Mies). He is the beloved husband of Charlotte Elizabeth Liesche Haeusser. He was predeceased by his siblings Willie Haeusser, and Erna Uhlman. He and Charlotte have celebrated 68 years of marriage this year. They enjoyed traveling and spending their lives together.

Franz’s second home was the Cannstatter Volkfest Verein. The following is an article written about him as the club’s 2002 Man of the Year:

“Many people refer to him as Mr. Cannstatter, since some of his club mail is addressed to Franz Cannstatter. On many occasions Franz is the one who closes the club which can run into the early morning hours.

Many times trying in vain to get the last stragglers to leave. Franz is also the Club's head of the House Committee. In addition, in the past, he took care of the entertainment for many years. And even today he arranges the bands that come from Germany for the Labor Day Weekend. Most people who come to the club have probably met Franz because he was more than likely tending the bar.

It sounds like Franz has always had a busy life. He was born in March 1927 in the small beautiful town of Adelmannsfelden in the Swabian region of Germany northeast of Stuttgart. Franz has seen and been through a lot in his life. When he was not even 2 years old his parents went to America. They left behind Franz and his sister Erna and brother Willi with their grandmother.

Franz loved all kinds of sports, especially soccer. As he got older he had to think of a profession. He decided to go to school for bookkeeping and finances. However, his studies were interrupted by the horrible second World War. Franz was only 17 but he was drafted, which he didn't want. It was now too late for him to go to America, he had to go to war. Thank God that by this time the war was almost over. He managed to run away from the Russian front and made it to the American side. He was now 18 years old and because he was not yet 21 he was able to join his parents in the United States.

It was now 1948 and Franz was finally in USA, in the same year he also became a member of the Cannstatter, he was very happy to become a part of the club and never regretted his choice to this day. But he was still a little homesick, especially for his girlfriend Charlotte. She was born in Oberschlesien, [Oberschlesien was in the Russian sector after the War]. And because she was a displaced person she was able to come to the USA quickly. Franz and Charlotte were married in 1952 but the honeymoon didn't last long because of the Korean War. Uncle Sam called for Franz. He was first stationed in Battle Creek, Michigan as a medic where Charlotte was able to join him. However, this did not last long. Franz received his order to go to Japan. He was first stationed in Japan where they made him an M.P. Thank goodness Franz made it back in good health.

After his return from Japan he started working for his father for many years to come. Eventually Franz took over until the business closed and moved to New York. He was wanted there, but after a while he decided not to move. He decided to stay in Langhorne and with his Swabian Club. Since he spent so much time there he would help out at the bar. He liked it, so he went to bartender school. When the club needed a manager he also helped there for two years .

It was 1977 when he became a director at the CVV. He loved music so he became chairman of entertainment committee. He held this position for over 18 years. He decided it was time to hand it over to someone younger who may have some new ideas. Everybody who knows Franz thinks he does not look his age. Franz soon became the 2nd vice president chairman of the house in which he is still active. In April of 2001 the club offered him president, but he declined in the hope that a younger person would take the position. Beside the Cannstatter he also loves bowling and has won prizes in some tournaments. But his wife says his second home is the CVV. He is a dedicated Schwab - always thinking what could be done for the good of the club.

The Cannstatter Volkvest Verein is the German American Police Associations House Verein (meeting place). Franz has always gone out of his way for our Association and its members. For this, we are forever grateful.“

Services were private at the family request.

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