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A Wetzel and Son Obituary for:
Virginia Amato
June 25, 1955 - September 21, 2020


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Virginia Amato of Ambler, Pennsylvania died Monday, September 21, 2020 at Jefferson Health Hospice at Warminster. She was 65 years old. Virginia was born June 25, 1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, daughter of the late Emileo Amato and the late Virginia Amato (nee - Workman). She is survived by her brothers and sister.

Warm Thoughts of Ginny composed by her family :

Bob Amato, Brother

My sister Ginny enjoyed a wonderful youth.  She was naturally athletic, loved music especially the Monkees, owned a classic yellow Mustang and attended LaSalle University.  She was a loving sister, daughter and aunt.  She was also a great caretaker for her mother.  She handled her own illness with courage and dignity.  Ginny left behind to her loved ones a true sense of herself, and gave us all the joy along with beautiful memories that we have in our hearts now.  

With deep affection and love,


Mike Amato, Brother

Ginny was my troubled baby sister.  She was beautiful, naive, almost childlike, but you could tell fun loving. Age wise, while we were nearly a generation apart, I was fortunate to share much of her last years, because Mom's wisdom bound us together by entrusting the girls to my care. I was blessed to have those years with Ginny and sad to wish her goodbye. I am firmly convinced Ginny is in a "better more peaceful place." 

The memories go way back: Weekly home movies by Dad & the Daryl Zanuck production crew: Ginny and Mary in Easter finery, the yearly May processions; and whatever else dad captured on film. The video projector stopped, and so did Dad. He was gone. WOW!

Memories and time fast forward. Ginny and family, baby Chris, my son baby Mike swimming in the backyard pool. And how quickly we all grew.

And in later years I enjoyed taking Ginny and Mom on our weekly trips to the racetrack; $20 dollars on our favorites. Lunching in the clubhouse; playing the one lucky slot at AC Showboat casino or copping some rays on the beach.

In recent memory, and for about 20 years, Ginny, and later Marianne and I lunched together every Monday. Brother Bob and Aunt Jane were always included:  we noshed on homemade veal loaf; and German potato salad from Riekers.  Ginny always loved tipping a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Ginny and later Marianne were preferred guests at VanHook. Ginny's care givers Tony and Karla were "the best". Birthdays, holidays and special occasions of all kinds were celebrated in a homelike family setting. TLC prevailed.

All the AMATOs will have memories of Ginny, but for now and for me "brother Mike": these are just a few. The memories and sadness linger.  Mike.

David Amato, Brother

I have fond memories of Ginny, who I will always think of as my little sister. She made me feel special as her big brother. Ginny was a very gentle person, an agreeable people pleaser, who cheerfully performed whatever she was asked to do. Her first job in high school was working at the snack bar at Sears. Her first car was a yellow mustang. Ginny loved cats. One of her last cats was named Capricious. It was both capricious and vicious. She had to keep it on a leash in the bedroom because it would attack anyone else but her.  
Ginny and Mom were the best of friends, and she lovingly cared for Mom during the final years of her life. Ginny and Marianne were wonderful sisters to each other and were extremely close. Not once can I remember them fighting. Ginny never gave up the responsibility of being Mary’s big sister. You could rely on Ginny to look after her. As a big brother, of course I had my fun with them. I remember teasing Ginny and Mary when they’d watch “The Monkey’s” TV show on Thursday nights. Ginny had a big crush on heartthrob Davey Jones and Mary had a crush on Peter Tork. They did not appreciate my taunting.  
The thing I always respected about Ginny, was that despite all of the difficulties her illness presented, she was very stoic and never complained. She accepted her suffering and made the most of her life. 
I will love you always, Ginny, and hold you in my heart.  
David Amato 

Marianne Amato, Sister

Ginny was my friend and beloved sister. Words cannot be found to describe her relationship with me. I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.  We had a lot of good times together.  I loved her very much.  She was a saint.

Sister Marianne.

Tony Mullins, Director VanHook Personal Care Home

We could not have found a sweeter, nicer person than Ginny.  She always wanted to help, and later when she began to struggle her sister Marianne was always there for her. The girls' best times were weekly visits from brother Mike. We will miss Ginny deeply. Tony - VanHook Personal Care.

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