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A Wetzel and Son Obituary for:
Shaun Brandon Russell
June 10, 1983 - May 31, 2021


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Shaun Brandon Russell, 37, of Willow Grove passed away suddenly at his home on Memorial Day. 

Shaun filled many roles. Friend, brother, son, uncle. But his most treasured designation was that of Daddy. He was father to 2 precious girls and absolutely rocked the Girl Dad role. Buying frilly dresses or Spider-Man suits. Fishing, painting little nails, brushing long red and blonde hair or playing Minecraft. It did not matter to him what they were doing. He loved every second spent with his girls. He also enjoyed camping and snowboarding with his buddies. Shaun will be greatly missed. He was fiercely loyal and protective - a rock of stability to many. 

Here's how Angelina and Skylar describe their Daddy (get a tissue!):

'Daddy was kind, caring and protective. He told us we can do whatever we wanted, if we tried. We always knew he loved us. Our favorite time was to hang out and play video games because he was the best!' 

Shaun is survived by his mother, Linda Russell. Lifelong and very dear friend Frances B. Daughters Angelina and Skylar. Sister Suzanne Gaines and husband Darrell. Niece Brenleigh, Nephew Stone, Uncle Steven Lipski and wife Ning. Cousins Dave, Matt and Bing.

A small private service will be held on June 11th.

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